oratop A new utility for real time monitoring

Oracle has released a new Program for (near) Realtime Monitoring on Single System or RAC System. I can be used on Oracle Standard Edtion as well on Enterprise Edition. The program allows you to monitor the top events of your database and the top sessions. It displays you many usefull information, which can be used to identify performance problems on your system. Ok, there is only a version for linux avaible but you can also remote connect which means that the database can also run on Windows.

If you have a correct Oracle Environment you can simple start with this sample command

oratop -i 5 / as sysdba


Here is a sample output from the program. After starting the tool simple type „h“ to see a good usage note. You find a good documentation and the download on MOS Note: 1500864.1

If you find this helpfull leave me a comment.

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