New preinstall package for 12cR1


Oracle has also released a new preinstall RPM package for Linux.

You can install it with yum:

[root@# etc]# yum install oracle-rdbms-server-12cR1-preinstall.x86_64

The Package has this dependency:

Dependencies Resolved

 Package                                                      Arch                           Version                                        Repository                          Size
 oracle-rdbms-server-12cR1-preinstall                         x86_64                         1.0-8.el6                                      ol6_latest                          15 k
Installing for dependencies:
 cloog-ppl                                                    x86_64                         0.15.7-1.2.el6                                 ol6_latest                          93 k
 compat-libcap1                                               x86_64                         1.10-1                                         ol6_latest                          17 k
 compat-libstdc++-33                                          x86_64                         3.2.3-69.el6                                   ol6_latest                         183 k
 cpp                                                          x86_64                         4.4.7-3.el6                                    ol6_latest                         3.7 M
 gcc                                                          x86_64                         4.4.7-3.el6                                    ol6_latest                          10 M
 gcc-c++                                                      x86_64                         4.4.7-3.el6                                    ol6_latest                         4.7 M
 glibc-devel                                                  x86_64                         2.12-1.107.el6_4.2                             ol6_latest                         974 k
 glibc-headers                                                x86_64                         2.12-1.107.el6_4.2                             ol6_latest                         604 k
 kernel-uek-headers                                           x86_64                         2.6.32-400.29.1.el6uek                         ol6_latest                         731 k
 ksh                                                          x86_64                         20100621-19.el6_4.4                            ol6_latest                         686 k
 libXmu                                                       x86_64                         1.1.1-2.el6                                    ol6_latest                          65 k
 libXxf86dga                                                  x86_64                         1.1.3-2.el6                                    ol6_latest                          24 k
 libXxf86misc                                                 x86_64                         1.0.3-4.el6                                    ol6_latest                          17 k
 libaio-devel                                                 x86_64                         0.3.107-10.el6                                 ol6_latest                          13 k
 libdmx                                                       x86_64                         1.1.2-2.el6                                    ol6_latest                          20 k
 libstdc++-devel                                              x86_64                         4.4.7-3.el6                                    ol6_latest                         1.6 M
 mpfr                                                         x86_64                         2.4.1-6.el6                                    ol6_latest                         156 k
 ppl                                                          x86_64                         0.10.2-11.el6                                  ol6_latest                         1.3 M
 xorg-x11-utils                                               x86_64                         7.5-6.el6                                      ol6_latest                          94 k
 xorg-x11-xauth                                               x86_64                         1:1.0.2-7.1.el6                                ol6_latest                          34 k

Transaction Summary

Similar to the old Package it configure you the Kernel Parameter and other things.


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