Oracle Announces Oracle Big Data Appliance X4-2

Oracle announced today the new Big Data Appliance X4-2. There are several enhancements like a updated and new software stack or 864 terabytes per rack to allow you to run the  optimized Cloudera’s entire Platform for Big Data. Read the full Press Release here. You can also read some interessting information Data Center Knowledge here.

Upgrade Oracle VM Manager to 3.2.6 (Build 726)

In this short example we upgrade Oracle VM Manager to 3.2.6. Download Patch 16410417 to your Oracle VM Manager Server. When you extract it, you will get a ISO File. Mount the ISO File on your System: [root@server01-manager 3.2.6]# mount -o loop,ro ./ovmm-3.2.6-upgrade-OracleLinux-b726.iso /mnt/ovmm/ Change to the Mountpoint and start the Upgrade [root@server01-manager 3.2.6]# cd…