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How to tune Oracle Standard Edition without Option Packs
Disable Oracle Diagnostic Pack + Tuning Pack?
Lizensierung Database Firewall (german)


Cloud Control Session Timeout also in german
Upgrade Cloud Control (german)
Problem with IE security warning and the Enterprise Manager 11G also in german
How to monitor a Oracle Standard Edition
oratop A new utility for real time monitoring


Adaptives Cursor Sharing und SQL Plan Management (german)
Query zur Laufzeit ändern (german) (October 2013) Database Patch Set Update (PSU)
January 2014 Database Patch Set Update (PSU)
Tablespace Encryption in Oracle 11g
SecureFiles Lobs overview
A sample how to handle ASM (or Database) Audit Files

12cR1 New Feature:

Oracle released 12c database
12c New Feature:Move datafile online
12c New Feature:Limit the PGA
12c New Feature:Last login time
12c New Feature: RMAN Table Recovery
12c New Feature: RMAN Multisection Incremental Backups
12c New Feature: RMAN SQL Interface Improvements
12c New Feature: notable change Resource Role
12c New Feature: Multi-Process Multi-Threaded Oracle
12c New Feature: Invisible and Hidden Columns
12c New Feature: Datapump enhancements
12c New Feature: SQL Row-Limiting Clause
12c New Feature: Changes to the Password file
12c New Feature: Unified Auditing
12c New Feature: DBMS_QOPATCH
12c New Feature: Histogram Enhancements
12c New Feature: Session level sequences
12c New Feature: Online datafile move
12c New Feature: Force Full Database Caching

Oracle Multitenant

Convert a non PDB to a PDB
Clone a PDB
Upgrade PDB using unplug/plug to
12c Pluggable database autostart

12cR2 New Feature:

12.2 New Feature: Automatically Synchronize Password Files in Oracle Data Guard
12.2 New Feature: SQL*Plus History

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